søndag 29. mars 2015

Weekend Project; Ginger Beer with Lemon

I know there is a lot of beer drinkers out there, so I thought it would be nice to show a DIY project which basically is to make your own ginger beer with lemon.

Kit from Plants From Seed

The shop do have other beer kits as well, so if lemon isn't your thing, you might find something else you could enjoy.

søndag 22. mars 2015

Weekend Project; Easter Crafts

Easter is soon upon us and if you are among the crafty persons out there, here is a couple of DIY kits you could use in preparation for the holiday.

Egg crochet kit from Little Conkers

Die cut felt set for chickens from SesiDeco.

søndag 15. mars 2015

Weekend Project; Fairy House

The fairy house/garden things isn't that popular in Norway, so I do find it a bit fascinating. Nevertheless, here is a weekend project for a fairy house.

From Fairy Folk.

søndag 8. mars 2015

Weekend Project; Easter Candles

I'm one of those who love candles and I do stock up a bit during autumn and winter. Yet, the candle kit I'm going to show you, are for Easter candles.

From Less Candles.

fredag 6. mars 2015

Outfit; A Bit of Gothic

I do have a Gothic side that doesn't always come out, but here is anyway a couple of items that I do own and have purchased from Etsy sellers.

Black corset from Sisters of the Moon.

Red brocade corset from Best Summer Time.

søndag 1. mars 2015

Weekend Project; Big Chunky Cable Knit Blanket

Since I'm a knitter myself, I do have a weak spot for all things knitting-related. This time, I wanted to show you a project that you could knit yourself, though I guess you'll need more than one weekend to finish it.

At least in Norway there are tendencies that interior related knitting have become a trend. Personally I've even seen pillar candles with cable knit texture.