fredag 31. juli 2015

Friday Finds; Colouring Pages

If your kid(s) or you yourself absolutely love colouring pages, feel free to check out the colouring pages offered by Heather Galler. Personally I've ordered not only colouring pages from her, but also various prints and they are so beautiful.

tirsdag 28. juli 2015

Treasury Tuesday; Back to School Supplies

Schools are starting within a month for a lot of us, so it's perhaps time to think a bit about school supplies. In this treasury you could find a bit of inspiration.

fredag 24. juli 2015

Friday Finds; Classic Tree Swing

I think a lot of us have some kind of a memory of a swing, at least I do. The Etsy shop PegandAwl sell swing and a lot of other beautiful wooden items. Feel free to release your inner child, as swings are fun.

tirsdag 21. juli 2015

søndag 19. juli 2015

Weekend Project; The Big Knit

Have you ever heard of The Big Knit? Every year Innocent Smoothies team up with AgeUK to raise funds for the charity that aids elders in the UK.

They need hats to raise funds this year too, so if you have any scrap yarn you have no idea what to do with, feel free to make a few hats for the cause. So far this year I've knitted over 50 hats, just with some random scrap yarn I've collected from finished projects.

You can find more info, like the address where you send your finished hats here.

fredag 17. juli 2015

Friday Finds; Jumbo Clothespin

You know those vintage-looking wooden clothespins? Well, cherrytreegallery sells a jumbo-sized version that could hold bath towels or other items.

tirsdag 14. juli 2015

Treasury Tuesday; Fashion for the Summer Time

It is summer after all and here you can find a treasury with a few cool pieces you could wear during the warm and sunny months.

søndag 12. juli 2015

Weekend Project; Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese

For the cheese lovers and foodies, I bring you the Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Kit from Sandy Leaf Farm. The shop have various other cheese kits along with items like Hedgerow Wine Kit and Bubble Tea Kit.

fredag 10. juli 2015

Friday Finds; Wall Shelf

There is a bunch of cool wall shelves out there, and these cube shelves are something of their own. They can be found at the German Etsy shop KisskaltDesigns.

tirsdag 7. juli 2015

Tuesday Treasury; Organic Spa Goddess

Some of us needs a wee bit of home spa pampering from time to time, and in this week's Tuesday Treasury, I wanted to show you several organic spa products.

This bubble bath and several other organic products can be found here.

fredag 3. juli 2015

Friday Finds; Cat Bed

If you have a feline friend (or several), I wanted to show you these cute and unique cat beds/caves made by the Lithuanian Etsy seller AgnesFelt. She does sell slippers (for humans) as well and some other felted items.