tirsdag 30. juni 2015

Treasury Tuesday; Wytches' Brew

Time for a new Treasury Tuesday. Because of the Etsy ban of spell sales (read more here), I decieded to make a pagan related treasury in honour of all the pagans out there.

tirsdag 23. juni 2015

Treasury Tuesday; Jewelry from Ukraine

I figured out that I wanted to try and have a treasury Tuesday feature here on this blog. This week I wanted to show you some nice jewelry from Ukraine.

The Etsy treasury can be found here.

torsdag 18. juni 2015

Doing More Eco-Friendly Products

I do love knitting, but a lot of the yarn and the yarn-making process can be less-than-friendly for the environment. Because of that, I have decided to make a lot more eco-friendly knits for my own shop at Etsy.

I will try my best to source yarn that is either eco-friendly, undyed, organic, fairtrade or a combination of several of those elements. At the moment I'm working on a cowl that is made from organic and undyed yarn.

Do you guys have any thoughts about the new direction Vamperstein's Shop is heading?