lørdag 29. november 2014

Advent Calendars

In just a few days, December officially starts. Many are going to have an advent calendar. I know it is a bit late to order advent calendars from Etsy at this point, but you can consider buying one for next year.

This pretty woodland advent calendar comes from Peppersprouts.

Another idea, instead of stressing about buying those 24/25 small gifts, why note have a note some of the days, with stuff like "Today we're making Christmas cookies". Think activities and similar, suitable for advent. Buying all those gifts can be a bit expensive, and I think that at least some kids want to have some quality time with their parents.

6 kommentarer:

  1. The notes is a good idea. As a kid I was just happy enough to move mine slower along every night. Ours had a mouse you moved into pockets further down until x-mas eve :)

  2. Love this idea for an advent calendar. Very creative!

  3. That is the cutest little ornament set! My family advent calender has places in it for little candies; you never know what kind of candy you are going to get^^

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